대한전자공학회논문지A / v.28A, no.9, 1991년, pp.729-735
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선비정질화를 이용한 Shallow $p^+$ 수식 이미지 -n 접합 형성에 관한 연구( A Study on the Formation of Shallow $p^+$ 수식 이미지-n Junctions Using Preamorphization )
한명석 (현대전자 반도체연구소) 홍신남 (한국항공대학 항공전자공학과) 김형준 (서울대학교 무기재료공학과)

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To form shallow $p^+$ 수식 이미지 -n junctions, Ge and As ions were employed for preamorphization, and B or BF2 was implanted for doping. Same B and BF$_2$ 수식 이미지 implantations were performed into single crystalline silicon to compare the material and electrical characteristics with the preamorphized samples. SIMS measurements for 10KeV B implanted samples revealed the somilar boron distribution for two preamophized cases, but the ASR profiles indicated that the shallower junctions could be formed by Ge preamorphzation. Sheet resostance of Ge preamorphized sample was lower than the As preamorphized sample, and the diode leakage current characteristics were similar for the preamorphized and non-preamorphized samples. Among the samples implanted with BF ions into the substrates preamorphized with 25keV Ge or As ions, high sheet resistance and leaky diode characteristics were observed for the As preamorphized samples. It was found that Ge preamorphization is more useful than As preamorphization for the purpose of forming shallow $p^+$ 수식 이미지 -n junctions using low energy BF$_2$ 수식 이미지 implantation.

대한전자공학회논문지A / v.28A, no.9, 1991년, pp.729-735
pISSN : 1016-135X
UCI :G100:I100-KOI(KISTI1.1003/JNL.JAKO199111920698379)
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