한국유체기계학회 논문집 / v.1, no.1, 1998년, pp.17-23
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증기터빈 블레이드의 파손방지를 위한 동특성 해석( Dynamics Analysis for Preventing Failures of Steam Turbine Blade )
김효진 (한국중공업(주) 기술연구원) 박정용 (한국중공업(주) 기술연구원)  저자(영문) 열기

초 록
The blade failures are identified as the leading cause of unplanned outages for steam turbine. Most investigations of the failures are limited to material tests, chemical analysis of deposits, and possibly examination of material specimens. But to correct a blading problem requires more than positive identification of the mechanisms involved. An analytic procedure capable of predicting stress and dynamic characteristics of turbine blades is presented to increase steam turbine availability by decreasing blade failures. Finite element method is used to model and predict natural frequencies, steady and dynamic stresses of turbine blades. The procedure is illustrated by the case study. This procedure is used to guide, and support the plant manager's decision to avoid a costly, unplanned outage

블레이드; 파손; 손상 메카니즘; 유한요소법; 모드 해석; 동적 응력 ; Blade; Failure; Damage Mechanism; Finite Element Method; Modal Analysis; Dynamic Stress

한국유체기계학회 논문집 / v.1, no.1, 1998년, pp.17-23
pISSN : 2287-9706
UCI :G100:I100-KOI(KISTI1.1003/JNL.JAKO199808823596801)
기사 주제 분류 : 유체역학
언어 : 한국어