열처리공학회지 / v.18, no.4, 2005년, pp.235-241
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HANA 지르코늄 핵연료피복관의 크립거동에 미치는 최종 열처리 및 응력의 영향( Effect of Final Annealing and Stress on Creep Behavior of HANA Zirconium Fuel Claddings )
김현길 이메일 (한국원자력연구소 지르코늄신합금 핵연료피복관 개발팀) 김준환 (한국원자력연구소 지르코늄신합금 핵연료피복관 개발팀) 정용환 (한국원자력연구소 지르코늄신합금 핵연료피복관 개발팀)  저자(영문) 열기

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Thermal creep properties of the advanced zirconium fuel claddings named by HANA alloys which were developed for high burn-up application were evaluated. The creep test of HANA cladding tubes was carried out by the internal pressurization method in temperature range from 350 to $400^{\circ}C$ 수식 이미지 and in the hoop stress range from 100 to 150 MPa. Creep tests were lasted up to 800 days, which showed the steady-state secondary creep rate. The creep resistance of HANA fuel claddings was affected by final annealing temperature and various factors, such as alloying element, applied stress and testing temperature. From the results the microstructure observation of the samples before and after creep test by using TEM, the dislocation density was increased in the sample of after creep test. The Sn as an alloying element was more effective in the creep resistance than other elements such as Nb, Fe, Cr and Cu due to solute hardening effect of Sn. In case of HANA fuel claddings, the improved creep resistance was obtained by the control of final heat treatment temperature as well as alloying element.

Creep; Zirconium; Fuel cladding; HANA alloy; Final annealing

열처리공학회지 / v.18, no.4, 2005년, pp.235-241
pISSN : 1225-1070
UCI :G100:I100-KOI(KISTI1.1003/JNL.JAKO200523943540624)
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