목재공학 / v.26, no.1, 1998년, pp.19-28
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액체종균(液體種菌) 접종(接種)에 의한 표고톱밥재배(栽培) 효과(效果)( Effect of Sawdust Culture on Oak Mushroom, Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegler by Inoculation of the Liquid Spawn )
이태수 (임업연구원) 조남석 (충북대학교 농과대학) 민두식 (충북대학교 농과대학)  저자(영문) 열기

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For cultivation on sawdust-bed of oak-mushroom until present time, inoculation of spawn on sawdust bed has been performed by sawdust spawn. But, liquid spawn may have advantages for rapid mass production of spawn, and now, sawdust-cultivation by liquid spawn inoculation should be applied instead of sawdust spawn. Therefore, investigations were performed to evaluate the effect of sawdust-cultivation by liquid spawn inoculation. The results were as follows: 1. When 11 kinds of liquid media were applied, the oak-mushroom culture medium was the most excellent in growth. Most suitable temperature at PDA was $25^{\circ}C$ 수식 이미지, and $22.5\sim27.5^{\circ}C$ 수식 이미지 in range were optimal for liquid culture. In liquid culture, amount of mycelial growth increases rapidly up to 40 days of cultivation. Incubation at fermentor brought yield of 106mg dry mycelia per 40ml media after 17 days. 2. In 1l-spawn bottle, growth of mycelium by inoculation of 20ml-liquid spawns were faster than 6g-sawdust spawn in spread of mycelia. On 2kg-bag culture, inoculations of 10ml-, 20ml- and 30ml-liquid spawns were all slower than 20g-sawdust spawn in mycelial spread. So, amount increasement in ampunt of liquid spawn should be discussed. Yields of mushrooms until third sproutings of 2kg-bag culture were 580g in 30ml-liquid spawn inoculation, but 510g, 486g and 470g from 20g-sawdust spawn, 20ml-liquid spawn and 10ml-liquid spawn, respectively. Thus, 30ml-liquid spawn inoculation was highest in yield.

Oak-mushroom; sawdust-bed; liquid spawn

목재공학 / v.26, no.1, 1998년, pp.19-28
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